Voto à Distância

Instructions for filling out the form

This form must only be filled out if the shareholder decides to vote by remote voting, in accordance with CVM Instruction 481/09, as amended.

It is necessary that the shareholder provides its complete name (or corporate name) and its Federal Taxpayer’s Registry (CNPJ) or Individual Taxpayer’s Registry (CPF), as well as an e-mail address for eventual contact.

In addition, this form will only be considered valid and the votes recorded herein counted in the quorum for the general shareholders’ meeting, if the following instructions are observed:

– all fields must be duly filled out;

– all pages must be initialized;

– the last page must be signed by the shareholder or its legal representative(s), in accordance with applicable law; and

– Signature notarization or consularization will not be required.

Instructions for form delivery

Shareholders may fill in the Form and deliver it:

(a) directly to the Company; or

(b) transmit filling instructions for the from to qualified service providers for remote voting purposes, such as: (i) the custody agents of the shareholder, if the shareholders’ shares are held in central depository; or (ii) to Itaú Corretora de Valores, the financial institution hired by the Company to provide bookkeeping services for the securities that are not in central depository.

Pursuant to CVM Instruction 481, the shareholder must transmit the instructions for the form to its custody agent no later than 7 days prior to the date of the shareholders’ meeting, which is, by April 4, 2017 (this day included).

Shareholders must contact their respective custody agents to verify the remote voting procedures established by them, as well as the additional required documents and information necessary for remote voting.

Postal and electronic address for the delivery of the remote voting form, in case the shareholder decides to deliver it directly to the Company

The shareholder who desires to exercise its voting right by use of the remote voting form must send the form, dully filled out to: (i) Avenida Chedid Jafet, 222, Bloco B – 5º andar, São Paulo, SP – CEP 04551-065, c/o the Legal Department; or (ii) submit the form by e-mail to In both cases, the shareholder must send the following supporting documents:

(a) the remote voting form for the meeting, dully filled out, being that, for delivery to item (i) listed above, all pages must be initialized and the form must be signed;

(b) proof of ownership of the Company’s shares;

(c) copy of the following documents:

– for individuals: personal identity cards and taxpayer registry document (CPF) of the shareholder;

– for legal entities: documents of constitution, articles of association or bylaws, minutes of the meeting which elected the Board of Directors (if available) and minutes of the meeting which elected the Directors and provided legal representation rights for representative(s) to attend the shareholders’ meeting; and

– for investment funds: fund regulation and articles of association or the administration contract of the fund, as well as the minutes of the meeting that elected the legal representative(s) with representation rights to attend the shareholders’ meeting.

The following identification documents will be accepted, so long as they have a photo ID: identity card (RG, RNE), driver’s license (CNH), passports and professional class entity cards that are officially recognized as such.

The remote voting forms, accompanied by the supporting documents, will be recognized, by the Company, as eligible if they are in order and in accordance to the requests mentioned above, and must be received no later than 7 days prior to the shareholders’ meeting which is, until April 09, 2018 (this day included). In accordance to article 21-U of CVM Instruction 481/09, the Company will inform the shareholder if the documents received are satisfactory to the requirements for votes to be validated or, if necessary, the procedures and deadlines for eventual rectifications.

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