The table below shows the common shares held by our principal shareholders:

Shareholder Ordinary Shares %
Andrade Gutierrez (1) 300,149,836 14.86%
Camargo Corrêa (2) 300,149,832 14.86%
Soares Penido (3) 304,004,776 15.05%
Novo Mercado (Free Float) 1,115,695,556 55.23%
Total: 2,020,000,000 100.00%

(1) Includes the shares of Andrade Gutierrez Concessões S.A. and AGC Participações Ltda., companies belonging to the Andrade Gutierrez Group.

(2) Includes the shares of Camargo Corrêa Investimentos em Infra-Estrutura S.A. and VBC Energia S.A.; companies belonging to the Camargo Corrêa Group.

(3) Includes the shares of Soares Penido Obras, Construções e Investimentos LTDA. and Soares Penido Concessões S.A.; companies belonging to the Soares Penido Group.

AGConcessões – AGConcessões, a company fully owned by the Andrade Gutierrez Group, is active in the field of investments related to public service infrastructure concessions, involving the participation of other companies. The main areas in which it is active are: highways, energy, airports, basic sewage and urban train transportation. Besides Andrade Gutierrez, other participants in the capital stock of AGConcessões are the International Finance Corporation (with 14.85%), the financial arm of the World Bank. The Andrade Gutierrez group also is active in other fields of business: (i) heavy construction, through Construtora Andrade Gutierrez and Zagope Construções e Engenharia S/A; and (ii) telecommunications, through Andrade Gutierrez Telecomunicações Ltda.

Camargo Corrêa Investimentos em Infra-estrutura S.A. – The Company develops business and administers the interests of the Camargo Corrêa Group in the infrastructure sector. In addition to the Highway Concessions, the Group’s business structure includes the following operations: Cement, Construction, Energy Concessions; plus key enterprises in the Footwear, Railroad Concession, Engineering, Environmental and Steelmaking sectors; and investments and relevant interests in the Real Estate Development, Shipping, Oil and Gas and Operations sectors. The Camargo Corrêa Group, with 70 years of existence, currently operates in 18 countries and employs more than 58,000 professionals.

Soares Penido – Soares Penido is a holding company for the Soares Penido Group aimed at acquiring ownership interests in companies that directly or indirectly exploit concession business projects and public services, specifically the rendering of services of execution, management and inspection of activities related to the operation, conservation, improvement, expansion and recovery of highways or motorways and similar operations.