Our objectives include providing investment solutions and infrastructure services to contribute to social and economic development and improve the quality of life of users of the concessions administered by CCR, expanding and improving our operations in order to maximize the economies of scale.

The strategies we have adopted to attain our objectives are:

Expand and diversify our concession network. We intend to expand and to diversify its concession network through opportunities that it expects to occur as a result of the auctioning of further federal, state and municipal government concessions in respect of existing roads and through proposals being developed mostly in Brazil operating in the area of transport and transport infrastructure (mobility in general) through means of concession programs or public-private partnerships (PPPs), as well as through new opportunities in other areas related to our core business. The acquisition of shares in other existing concession companies is another avenue for expansion if appropriate opportunities present themselves. We believe that the expansion and diversification of our business will occur mostly in Brazil but it is also possible that opportunities arising outside Brazil may be of our interest.

Maximize the benefits of bringing together the management of its concessions. We continue with our original strategy of maximizing both the operating efficiencies and the economies of scale achieved by placing our concessions under common management.

Maximize economies of scale. We have centralized certain financial, accounting, managerial, legal and other administrative functions and plan to continue and refine this centralization. Our Company also develops policies for its financial commitments on a centralized basis.

Maximize operating efficiencies of each concession. The Company has introduced a system of best practices across our concession network, regarding services of construction, maintenance, safety and emergency services and traffic management. We also continue to improve the positioning of our toll booths in an effort to reduce the use of detours around the toll plazas and promoting the use of electronic toll collection.

Explore related business activities. The Company intends to expand its operations into additional activities related to its core toll road concessions business.

CCR believes its substantial experience in the Brazilian toll road sector, combined with the expertise of our principal shareholders, in the areas of construction and the operation of public utility concessions and our cooperative relationship with them, gives us a competitive advantage and should enable us successfully to implement our business strategy.