About the CCR Group:  founded in 1999, Grupo CCR is one of Latin America’s largest urban mobility infrastructure players. It started operating in the highway concessions segment and later diversified its portfolio. In 2018, Grupo CCR transformed its four core businesses into divisions composed of the following business units: CCR Lam Vias, CCR Infra SP, CCR Aeroportos, and CCR Mobilidade. The divisions are responsible for managing the Company’s current businesses and developing and analyzing new opportunities in the primary and secondary markets, both in Brazil and abroad. Thanks to its pioneering spirit, it was the first group in the infrastructure services industry to join the Novo Mercado listing segment of B3 (former BM&FBovespa). Grupo CCR currently has more than 17,000 employees and is responsible for the management and maintenance of 3,698 kilometers of highways; it also manages airports and passenger transportation services in subways, VLT, and barges, transporting approximately 2 million passengers per day. With the start of operations of Lines 8 and 9, this figure may reach 3 million passengers. In the airport segment, after being awarded the contracts of the Central and South Blocks, granted by ANAC, the annual number of passengers transported may exceed the current 23 million, including Pampulha Airport/BH. The Company is recognized in the domestic and international markets for adopting the highest standards of corporate governance as the basis for its operation, which are listed in the Integrity and Compliance Program. For further information, visit grupoccr.com.br

About CPC: Companhia de Participações em Concessões (CPC) is one of the companies comprising the CCR Group, mainly engaged in evaluating the new business opportunities, operating both in the primary market, in bidding processes, and the secondary market, it being responsible for the direct administration of eventual new businesses. CPC holds, since 2008, a 40% stake in Renovias, concessionaire of highways of the State of São Paulo and, in 2012, assumed 80% of the capital stock of concessionaire CCR Barcas, the fourth largest waterway transportation operator in the world. CPC also holds a 46.5% stake in Quiport, operator of Quito International Airport, in Ecuador; a 97.15% stake in Aeris Holding Costa Rica S.A., operator of Juan Santamaria International Airport, in Costa Rica; and a 79.8% stake in Curaçao Airport Partners NV, concessionaire of Curacao airport.

About CCR: CCR is the holding company of Grupo CCR listed on the B3 index, the Brazilian Stock Exchange. It has more than 20 years of history and is recognized in the domestic and international markets, mainly for its strict governance and compliance criteria. 55.23% of its shares, all of which are common voting shares, are traded on the Novo Mercado listing segment. In addition to B3, the Company’s shares are also listed in ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index), ICO2 (Carbon Efficient Index), IGC (Special Corporate Governance Stock Index), IBrX-100 (Brazil Index 100), and MSCI Latin America.

The following table contains resumed information on each of the concessions:

Concession Kilometers 2021 Equivalent Vehicles (1) Expiration Date of the Concession Agreement Share
AutoBAn – Concessionary of Sistema Anhangüera Bandeirantes S.A. – three roads connecting São Paulo, Campinas and Limeira 317 258,205,360 December 2037 100%
RioSP – Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – São Paulo (SP) Highway System 625.8 February 2052 100%
ViaLagos – Concessionary of Rodovia dos Lagos S.A. – three roads providing Região dos Lagos in the State of Rio de Janeiro 57 8,191,516 January 2047 100%
ViaOeste – Concessionary of the Castello Branco-Raposo Tavares road system, located in the State of São Paulo 169.3 114,558,408 February 2024 100%
Rodoanel Mario Covas- Administration of the west segment 32 129,245,639 June 2038 99.60%
Renovias – Concessionaire of Sistema Renovias Concessionária S.A. – connecting Campinas to Minas Gerais 345.7 21,276,303 June 2022 40%
SPVias – Concessionaire of Rodovias Integradas do Oeste S.A. – six roads linking the region of Sorocaba, Tatuí Avare and Itapeva 516 61,886,342 September 2028 100%
ViaRio – Concessionarie of ViaRio connection 13 13,444,008 April 2047 66.66%
MSVia – Concessionarie of Rodovia Sul-Matogrossense S.A. 845.4 50,961,221 April 2044 100%
ViaSul – Concessionary of Rodovias Integradas of South S.A. 473.4 90,306,664 February 2049 100%
ViaCosteira – Concessionary of Catarinense de Rodovias S.A. 220.4 52,473,154 July 2050 100%

The following table contains summarized information regarding the urban mobility concessions:

Concession Kilometers Passengers in 2021 Expiration Date of the Concession Agreement Share
ViaQuatro – Line 4 of the São Paulo subway 12,8 110,865,032 April 2040 75%
Barcas S.A. 5,960,926 February 2023 80%
VLT 28 12,828,333 September 2038 78.97%
Metro System – Bahia 41 72,373,406 October 2043 100%
ViaMobilidade 27,8 109,746,897 August 2038 83.34%
ViaMobilidade – Lines 8 and 9 of the São Paulo subway 78.6 January 2052 80%

The following table contains summarized information regarding the airport concession:

Concession Expiration Date of the Concession Agreement Share
Quito – International Airport of Quito, Ecuador January 2041 46.5%
Juan Santamaria – International Airport of Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica May 2026 97.15%
Curaçao – International Airport of Curaçao, Curaçao April 2033 79.8%
BH Airport May 2044 38.25%
TAS 70%
Bloco Sul October 2051 100%
Bloco Central October 2051 100%
Pampulha January 2052 100%

We own 100% of the capital stock of all Concessionaires, except for Line 4 of the São Paulo subway, in which CCR owns 60% of the capital stock, together with Montgomery Participações (30%) and Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (10%); and RodoAnel in which we own 99.6% of the capital stock, with the remaining 5% held by Encalso Construções%; of Renovias, of which we own 40% of the shares and 60% of the shares of Encalso Construções de 60%; of ViaRio, of which we own 66.66% of the capital stock and Invepar with 33.34%; of Barcas, of which we own 80% of the shares representing capital stock and 20% is held by JCA Holding Participações, Barcas Around the Pier Administração e Participações and Auto Viação 1001 and Rodomar Participações; Quito, of which we own 46.5% of the capital stock; San José, of which we own 97.1% of the capital stock; Curaçao, of which we own 79.8% of the capital stock; and TAS, of which we own 70.0% of the capital stock.

(1) Vehicle equivalent is a measure generally calculated by adding heavy vehicles (commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses), multiplied by the number of axles charged. One light vehicle is counted as one axle of a heavy vehicle).

(2) The stretch presented comprises the 80.82 kilometers of roads offered.

(3) The number of equivalent vehicles refers to our stake of 40% in Renovias and 66.66% in ViaRio.