Our objectives

Among our objectives, we seek to enable investment solutions and infrastructure services, contributing to socioeconomic development and improving the quality of life of our concession users, expanding and enhancing our operations in order to maximize economies of scale. In order to achieve these objectives, we implemented the following strategies:

Expand and diversify the concession network we operate. We plan to increase and diversify the concessions we operate, taking advantage of the possibilities of being granted with federal, state and municipal concessions to manage existing highways, and to participate in projects under development in Brazil in the transportation and transportation infrastructure (urban mobility) area under the concession programs or PPPs. Another way to expand is by acquiring equity interest in other existing concessionaires. We believe that the expansion and diversification of our activities will initially occur in Brazil, but we are also aware of and willing to participate in projects abroad.

Maximize the benefits of combining our portfolio management. We continue with our strategy of consolidating and maximizing economies of scale and operating efficiencies resulting from the unification of our Concessionaires’ strategic control by expanding and improving the centralization of certain engineering, technology, administration, financial, accounting and legal management functions. In this regard, we count on the Actua, Engelog and EngelogTec service divisions. Actua is responsible for providing administrative management services to Grupo CCR companies, standardizing processes and gains of scale; Engelog provides management services in the civil engineering area to Grupo CCR companies; and EngelogTec manages information technology and automation to Grupo CCR companies. In this sense, we also seek to:

  • Maximize operating efficiencies in each concession. In 2002 we introduced a best practices system in the concessions we manage regarding the administration of works, maintenance, safety, emergency and traffic management in the highways we operate. Also, in our view, we continue to improve studies and works related to positioning of toll plazas in the highways we manage, aiming at maximizing revenues and increasing the use of the electronic toll collection system, providing users with faster payment of fees.
  • Synergy among our Concessionaires. Regarding the new concessions to be bid, we will take into consideration the possibility of taking advantage of the operating and administrative synergies of our Concessionaires. Taking advantage of these synergies will enable us to be more competitive in the bidding processes, given that the synergy between our teams allows faster mobilization and better management of operating and investment costs.
  • Innovation. Process that aims to enable business demands with optimized use of resources, either in the implementation of new solutions or in the maximization of the results of existing business processes.

Explore and develop opportunities in related businesses. We intend to expand our operations to other activities related to our core business, such as investing in airport companies, which is part of this strategy. For that purpose, we are also aware of opportunities in the urban and airport mobility area. Similarly, we understand that there are also opportunities in the logistics area, since we manage some of the main highways of the São Paulo State, concentrating the arrivals of some of the main highways of the São Paulo State. In this sense, our growth strategy also aims to explore such opportunities in the logistics areas, whose studies are currently in progress.