The shareholder can obtain its shareholding position at any branch of Banco Itaú S.A., bearing the following documents:
CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s Card)
RG (ID card)
Proof of address
(original, or notarized photocopy)

Attorneys-in-fact must present the power of attorney and their personal documents.

Copy of the Company’s By-laws
Current List of Officers
Personal documents related to the request.

Attorneys-in-fact must present the power of attorney and the personal documents of the attorneys-in-fact and the represented parties.

Information will be send to the shareholder, according to the address in the Share Registry.

At the Securities Agencies, the shareholder may obtain information on their position immediately upon the presentation of the aforementioned documents.

Attorneys-in-fact may obtain information on the shareholding position at Securities Agencies by presenting an identity card, CPF, proof of residence and a copy of the power of attorney.