NovaDutra – Concessionary of Rodovia Presidente Dutra S.A. – BR-116, connecting Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

AutoBAn – Concessionary of Sistema Anhangüera Bandeirantes S.A. – three roads connecting São Paulo, Campinas and Limeira.

Rodonorte (1) – Concessionary of Rodovias Integradas S.A., or Rodonorte – four roads connecting Curitiba, Apucarana, Ponta Grossa and Jaguariaíva.

ViaLagos – Concessionary of Rodovia dos Lagos S.A. – three roads providing Região dos Lagos in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

ViaOeste – Concessionary of the Castello Branco-Raposo Tavares road system, located in the State of São Paulo.

RodoAnel – The Concessionary RodoAnel is the company responsible for administrating the 32-kilometer western segment of the Mário Covas Ring Road, which is an important beltway connecting the Raposo Tavares, Castello Branco, Anhangüera, Bandeirantes, and Régis Bittencourt highways, over which 240,000 vehicles travel every day.

Renovias – The roads administered by Renovias nowadays with an extension of 345.6 kilometers, connecting the city of Campinas to the South of the state of Minas Gerais. With a distribution of 220.5 kilometers of double lanes and 125.1 kilometers of single lanes, the road network interfaces with 15 cities: Campinas, Jaguariúna, Santo Antônio de Posse, Mogi Mirim, Mogi Guaçu, Estiva Gerbi, Aguaí, Casa Branca, Mococa, Espírito Santo do Pinhal, São João da Boa Vista, Águas da Prata, Vargem Grande do Sul, Itobi and São José do Rio Pardo.

SPVias – The highways currently managed by the company total 515.0 km, linking the regions of Sorocaba, Tatuí, Avaré and Itapeva. Its highway network interfaces with approximately 12 municipalities in the Southwest quadrant of the state of São Paulo: among these are important centers such as Sorocaba and Avaré. The SPVias concession contract was signed in February 2002 and its operations are scheduled to expire in September 2027.

ViaQuatro(1) – Concessionary of Line 4 of the São Paulo subway.

ViaRio(1) – Concessionary responsible for the construction and, further, for the management of the 13.0-kilometer expressway, connecting the districts between Deodoro and Barra da Tijuca, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The construction of Transolímpica is part of the investment package for the 2016 Olympics.

Barcas(1) – Concessionary that holds the operating rights of the regular passenger waterway transport lines, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

International Airport of Quito(1) – Concessionary of the International Airport of Quito (NAIQ), in Ecuador. The airport is located in the tax-free trade zone.

International Airport of San Jose(1) – Concessionary of the International Airport of San Jose (AISJ), in Costa Rica. The International Airport of San Jose is located in the district of Alajuela, approximately 20 km from downtown San Jose.

International Airport of Curacao(1) – Concessionary of the International Airport of Curaçao (AIC), in Curacao. The International Airport of Curaçao (“AIC”) is located at the North coast of the Curacao Island, approximately 15 km from downtown Willemstad.

(1) We hold 100% of each of our concessionaries, except for RodoNorte (85.92% company’s share and 14.08% held by local shareholders); ViaQuatro (58%); RodoAnel (98.9%); Renovias (40%); Transolímpica (33.33%); Barcas (80%); Quito (45.5%); San Jose (48.75%); and Curacao (40.8%).