The Anhanguera-Bandeirantes system, or AutoBAn concession, with which CCR was awarded in 1998, accounted for 20.7% of gross operating revenues in 2019. The road is the largest concession highway in terms of revenues in the state of São Paulo and in Brazil.

The system consists of three highways: the Rodovia Anhangüera, the Rodovia dos Bandeirantes and the Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto. The system is currently 316.8 kilometers long. The Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto links the Rodovia Anhangüera and the Rodovia dos Bandeirantes in the Jundiaí region. The system runs through one of the most important economic regions in Brazil and links the city of São Paulo with the Campinas region. The system acts together with other highways, linking major urban centers in up-country São Paulo state with the port of Santos and the surrounding region, as well as other important regions of the state. The system is a key instrument in the economic and urban integration of the municipalities in the region.

The Anhanguera-Bandeirantes system is divided with two, three or four lanes in each direction, and it has ten toll plazas, ten user assistance bases, five weighing stations and one operational control center. Pursuant to the terms of the AutoBAn concession agreement, CCR also provides patrol vehicles to the highway patrol on the AutoBAn network and pays for the fuel used by them. The AutoBAn concession has been granted to CCR for a period of 28 years, until April 2027, by the state of São Paulo, represented by the state‘s DER, the ARTESP.