RodoAnel Oeste is the company responsible for administrating the 32-kilometer western segment of the Mário Covas Ring Road, which is an important beltway connecting the Raposo Tavares, Castello Branco, Anhangüera, Bandeirantes, and Régis Bittencourt highways, over which 240,000 vehicles travel every day. The concession contract is for 30, with the collection of tolls beginning on December 17, 2008. RodoAnel was responsible for 2.5% of gross operating revenues in 2019.

The Concessionária RodoAnel is formed by CCR (98.9%) and Encalso Construções (1.1%). The Integração Oeste Consortium, formed by these two companies, won the public bidding contest for operating the section, in March 2008, after presenting the lowest proposed toll rate. The consortium proposed R$ 1.1684, which was lower than the amounts presented by the other four competitors, representing a premium of 61% in relation to the ceiling of R$ 3 stipulated for the bidding by the government of the State of São Paulo.

The Ring Road marks the return to the São Paulo Concession Program and represents one of the main traffic solutions for Metropolitan São Paulo. With the payment of a granting fee of R$ 2 billion, the State had sufficient funds to conclude the construction of the southern section of the Ring Road, which is an important axis for the flow of agricultural and industrial products from the north and western side of the State to the Port of Santos. The highway is also of fundamental importance for lessening the number of trucks on the Tietê and Pinheiros By-Passes and on Bandeirantes Avenue.