In October 2012, CCR España acquired 40.8% of the capital stock of the concessionaire that owned the concession to operate and manage the International Airport of Curaçao, in Curaçao. In June 2013, CCR España acquired more 39% of the Curacao International Airport, totaling 79.8% of the shares of the capital stock of CAI. The International Airport is located on the north coast of the Island of Curação, approximately 15 km from the center of the capital, Willemstad. The AIC serves 1.6 million passengers per year and conducts 25,900 ATMs per year. The current concession began on August 1, 2003 with a 30-year term of expiration, until August 2033. International Airport of Curaçao was responsible for 1.5% of gross operating revenues in 2019.