As shown by the interests detailed below, the Company has operating subsidiaries providing services that are related and complementary to those provided by its concessionaires:

Subsidiárias Operacionais_01


CCR holds 85.92% of Parques’ capital stock. The remaining 14.08% are held by Paraná State partners. Parques Serviços Ltda. provides services, including traffic control, inspection and monitoring, as well as medical and mechanical emergency services, toll collection, vehicle weighing and information services, solely for Rodonorte. Parques provides services set forth in the operating consortia agreement, executed with the other RodoNorte’s shareholders

Companhia de Participações em Concessões (CPC)

Companhia de Participações em Concessões (CPC) operates as CCR’s strategic arm, by contributing with the premises of CCR’s qualified and sustained growth. Created in 2008, its objective is to evaluate the opportunities of new businesses, together with CCR, by acting as much in the primary market, in the bidding processes, as in the secondary market, being responsible for the direct administration of eventual new businesses. The first result of its operation happened in 2008, with the acquisition of 40% of the share interest in the Renovias licensee, which manages 345.6 kilometers of roads between Campinas (in the state of São Paulo) and the South of the state of Minas Gerais. In 2009, CPC acquired 45% of Controlar, which is responsible for the vehicular environmental inspection in the city of São Paulo, opening a new operation area in CCR Group. Such achievements show CPC’s total commitment in promoting the growth of CCR Group, by looking for projects, which are in accordance with the Group’s business, aiming at the promotion of the social and economic development of the areas where it operates.

Considering the growth of CCR Group in previous years and the perspective of the infrastructure area, a process of corporate reorganization was made in May. With that process, CPC incorporated CCR Engelog, dividing the areas of Engineering and Information Technology, and respectively creating the Engelog Division and the Engelogtec Division, both having management autonomy and focused on the results of the respective operation areas.

The incorporation’s objective was to provide a better asset management for CCR Group, besides offering an important competitive differential in the process of analysis and evaluation of new businesses.

CCR Engelog has been created to be the Engineering Center for the coordination of the construction and development of engineering solutions, through turnkey agreements and the management of projects by CCR Group licensees, and has broadened its purpose in the course of its existence to subjects related to information technology. Its creation has contributed to the strengthening of CCR’s image, by guaranteeing the accomplishment of the construction sites with a high standard of quality and efficiency, allied to the slightest impact possible to the users’ security, comfort and fluidity. Since the beginning of its trajectory, CCR Engelog has already operated in the management and monitoring of important works accomplished along the roads under the administration of CCR Group licensees in the states of Paraná, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which shows the importance of its operation and the competitiveness gain that the group experiences by counting on its expertise.

With the incorporation by CPC, CCR Engelog has been divided into two divisions, the Engelog Division, which is specifically responsible for subjects related to the area of engineering, and the Engelogtec Division, which is responsible for subjects related to information technology.

CCR EngelogTec is a Division of CPC that strategically operates in the units of CCR Group, having the objective of rendering services in technology, by creating synergy among the licensees, spreading and standardizing the best practices of productivity and efficiency. Its contribution stands as a synonym of quality in engineering projects and works, by bringing dynamism, economy and a competitiveness gain that is acknowledged by the market in the operation of the companies.


Samm is the CCR Group’s company created to render multimedia communications services (MCS), and is focused on the transmission of high speed data in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná. Its objective is to supply telecommunications infrastructure to meet current and future market demand. The creation of Samm is in step with the strategic plan for the qualified growth of the CCR Group.