The Rodonorte – Rodovias Integradas S.A., or Rodonorte concession, with which CCR was awarded in 1997, accounted for 7.3% of gross operating revenues in 2019. The road system is, in terms of length, investments required by the concessionaire, and toll collection, the largest of the six concessions of the State of Paraná Highway Concessions Program. The network is 567.8 kilometers long.

Rodonorte‘s highway network is divided into two main sections. The first links Curitiba to Apucarana and connects the state capital to the largest industrial and agricultural center in the north of Paraná, where important cities such as Londrina and Maringá are located. This section is the primary route to the Port of Paranaguá . The second section, linking Ponta Grossa to Jaguariaíva, takes a northeast route towards São Paulo. The RodoNorte network consists of BR-376, between Apucarana and São Luis do Purunã, passing through Ponta Grossa ; BR-277, between São Luis do Purunã and Curitiba ; Highway PR-151, between Jaguariaíva and Ponta Grossa ; and BR-373, up to the junction with BR-376.

Within this system, 208 kilometers, or 43%, are divided highway with two lanes in each direction and with shoulders on both sides. 279.5 kilometers, or 57%, are undivided highway with one lane in each direction and with shoulders on both sides. There are also feeder-roads adjacent to the highways. Under the specific technical requirements of the concession, RodoNorte is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of these sections of roadway. The total distance of the feeder roads is 80.28 kilometers. Although RodoNorte is responsible for the restoration and subsequent upkeep and periodic maintenance of these sections of feeder road as concessionaire, it does not have the obligation to provide any other services, as it must for the highways. The feeder roads are undivided roads with one lane in each direction, with shoulders on both sides.

The RodoNorte system has seven toll plazas, six weighing stations, seven user assistance bases and one operational control center. The RodoNorte concession has been granted for a period of 24 years, until November 2021, by the state of Paraná, as represented by the DER of the state of Paraná, or DER/PR.