The concession of the Lagos Highway was granted in 1996, accounting for 1.2% of the gross operating revenue in 2019. The highway serves Região dos Lagos, including the municipalities of Araruama, São Pedro da Aldeia, Cabo Frio, Búzios and Arraial do Cabo, being a destination for locals and national tourists. The region receives a substantial number of vacationers who use the highways that are part of the system.

The ViaLagos system consists of three roads: RJ-124—between km 0 (near km 265 of the BR-101-Rio Bonito) and km 30 (Araruama); the new road parallel to the RJ-106—between km 0 (near km 30 of the RJ-124) and km 26 (near km 105 of the RJ-106); and RJ-106—between km 105 and km 109. The road system is 56 kilometers long. The road system is currently a paved undivided highway with two lanes in each direction and shoulders on each side.

The system contains a toll plaza, two user help centers and an operating control center. The concession expiration date is January 2047, in accordance with the award by the state of Rio de Janeiro, represented by the former DER/RJ and AGETRANSP.