1. DATE, TIME AND PLACE: Held at 5:30 P.M. on May 8, 2013 at the Company‘s headquarters located at Avenida Chedid Jafet, 222, Block B, 5th floor, in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo.

2. ATTENDANCE: All elected members of the Company‘s Board of Directors.

3. PRESIDING: Mr. Eduardo Borges de Andrade assumed the chairmanship of the meeting and Mr. Marcus Rodrigo de Senna was secretary.

4. The Board Members, unanimously and without any restrictions whatever, pursuant to subparagraph (v) of article 142 of Law 6.404/76 and subparagraph (v) of art. 14 of the Company‘s Bylaws and, in view of the Special Review Report issued by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Auditores Independentes on August 5, 2013 and the opinions of the Company‘s Audit Committee and the Fiscal Council during meetings held on the same date, analyzed and expressed themselves favorably with regard to the Quarterly Information (ITR) for the quarter ending March 31, 2013, all pursuant to documents presented to the members of the Board present at this current Meeting.

5. CLOSURE: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned and resumed, the minutes were read, found to be in order, approved and signed by all present. São Paulo, May 8, 2013. Mr. Eduardo Borges de Andrade, Chairman and Mr. Marcus Rodrigo de Senna, Secretary. Members: (1) EDUARDO BORGES DE ANDRADE; (2) FRANCISCO CAPRINO NETO; (3) ANA MARIA MARCONDES PENIDO SANT’ANNA; (4) LUIZ CARLOS VIEIRA DA SILVA; (5) FERNANDO AUGUSTO CAMARGO DE ARRUDA BOTELHO; (6) HENRIQUE SUTTON DE SOUSA NEVES; (7) LUIZ ALBERTO COLONNA ROSMAN; (8) LUIZ ANÍBAL DE LIMA FERNANDES; (9) LUIZ ROBERTO ORTIZ NASCIMENTO; (10) PAULO ROBERTO RECKZIEGEL GUEDES e (11) RICARDO COUTINHO DE SENA. I hereby certify this is a faithful copy of the original minutes has copied into its own book on pages 150 and 151.

Marcus Rodrigo de Senna