Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ): 02.846.056/0001-97
Company Registry (NIRE): 35.300.158.334

The shareholders of CCR S.A. (“CCR”) are hereby notified that:

As permitted by paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Company’s Bylaws, beginning on of October 31, 2013, we will begin the payment of interim dividends corresponding to sixty eight Brazilian cents (R$0.68) per common share, in accordance with the September 26, 2013 resolution of the Board of Directors, ad referendum the next Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 23 of the Bylaws of the Company, these dividends shall be charged against the mandatory minimum dividend for fiscal year 2013, ad referendum of the Annual Shareho

lders’ Meeting that shall approve the financial statements for fiscal year 2013.

These interim dividends will be paid out based on the shares held by the shareholders on September 26, 2013, with the Company‘s shares to begin trading “ex-dividend” on September 27, 2013.

Shareholders will be credited on the start date of the payment of these dividends, in accordance with the checking account and bank information provided to Itaú Unibanco S.A.

For those shareholders whose registration information is outdated, or does not contain the CPF/CNPJ numbers or Bank/Branch designation and/or Checking Account number, the dividends will be credited as of the third business day from the date of a request for payment, once the interested parties provide the information required for their registration in person at one of the branches of Itaú Unibanco S.A. listed below, which provide shareholder services. If the updates to this information are provided at a branch that has not been listed or are provided via correspondence to the Superintendent of Business Services – Rua Ururaí, 111- Prédio B, Térreo – CEP 03084-010 – São Paulo – SP, payment will not be released until the appropriate records in the electronic files of the Bank have been updated.

The shareholders with fiduciary custodies shall have their dividends credited in accordance with procedures adopted by the Stock Exchange.

The Itaú Unibanco S.A. branches and the other agencies authorized to provide services to shareholders during banking hours are listed below.


São Paulo -Rua Boa Vista, 176 – Sub-solo
Rio de Janeiro -Rua Sete de Setembro, 99 – Sub-solo
Belo Horizonte -Av. João Pinheiro, 195 – Sub-solo
Porto Alegre -Rua Sete de Setembro, 746 – Térreo
Curitiba -Rua João Negrão, 65, Sobreloja
Salvador -Av. Estados Unidos, 50 – 2º Andar
Brasília -SCS Quadra 3 – Edifício D´Ângela, 30, Bloco A – Sobreloja

São Paulo, September 26, 2013.

Arthur Piotto Filho
Investor Relations Officer