– Net Revenue was R$ 1,080.2 million 2Q11 (+20.1%) and R$ 2,123.6 (+22.3%) in 1H11. SPVias contributed with R$ 87.8 million of this total in 2Q11.

– EBIT totaled R$ 481.5 million (+2.4%) in 2Q11 and in 1H11 reached R$ 965.0 million (+6.5%). The EBIT margin reached 44.6% (+4.2 p.p.) in 2Q11, and 45.4% (+4.2 p.p.) in 1H11. Excluding the maintenance provision, the pro forma EBIT was R$ 528.0 million in 2Q11 and R$ 1,064.8 million in 1H11 with an pro forma EBIT margin of 48.9% and 50.1%, respectively.

– EBITDA was R$ 661.0 million (+20.9%) in 2Q11 and R$ 1,323.0 million (+22.8%) in 1H11; the EBITDA margin was 61.2% (+0.4 p.p.) in 2Q11 and 62.3% (+0.3 p.p.) in 1H11.

– Consolidated traffic grew 12.3% in 2Q11 and 14.6% during 1H11. On comparable bases, traffic reported growth of 5.9% in 2Q11 and 7.2% during 1H11.

– The number of AVI (electronic toll system) users increased by 32.5%, to a total of 2,871,000 active tags.

– The company’s management proposed the distribution of intermediate dividends of R$ 1.59 per share, for a total of R$ $701.8 million.

– The company’s results include the impacts of Controlar, ViaQuatro and SPVias, projects that have recently been incorporated and/or are in a ramp-up phase.