Net Revenue totalled R$ 1,228.5 million in 3Q11 (+25.6%) and R$3,352.1 (+23.5%) in 9M11, with SPVias contributing R$ 99.9 million in 3Q11.

EBIT amounted to R$ 652.4 million (+35.7%) in 3Q11, while totalling R$ 1,617.4 million (+16.6%) in 9M11. EBIT margin was 53.1% (+4.1 p.p.) In 3Q11, and 48.2% (-2.9 p.p.) in 9M11. Excluding the provision for maintenance, pro-forma EBIT amounted to R$ 694.1 million in 3Q 11 and R$ 1,759.0 million in 9M11, with respective proforma EBIT margin of 56.5% and 52.5%.

EBITDA totalled R$ 823.3 million (+41.5%) in 3Q11 and R$ 2,146.3 million (+29.4%) in 9M11;

EBITDA margin amounted to 67.0% (+7.5 p.p.) In 3Q 11 and 64.0% (+2.9 p.p.) In 9M11. Consolidated traffic grew by 10.7% in 3Q11, being up 13.2% in 9M11. On a comparable basis, traffic was up by 4.4% in 3Q11 and 6.1% in 9M11.

The number of STP (electronic toll system) users increased by 30.2% over September 30, 2010, with a total of 3,048,000 active tags, with charges collected by electronic means contributing 66.4% of the total in 3Q11.

As at September 30, 2011, CCR distributed a dividend of R$ 1.59 per share, amounting to a total of R$ 701.8 million. Taking into account the additional dividends referring to 2010 that were distributed on April 29, 2011, of R$ 0.228309 per share, dividends paid (cash) totalled R$1.818309 per share for 2011.

The results of the Company incorporate the impacts of Controlar, ViaQuatro and SPVias, projects which were either acquired recently or that are in the ramp-up phase.