Pursuant to the provisions of CVM Instruction 358, CCR Group (“CCR” or “Company”) Board of Directors (B3: CCR03; Bloomberg: CCR03 BZ; Reuters: CCR03.SA) communicates to its shareholders and the market that the engineer Renato Alves Vale, 70 years old, who led the company since its foundation, will leave the CEO’s position of Group in 07/31/2018.

On this date, Leonardo Couto Vianna will assume this position. He was Chairman of the Mobility Division (“CCR Mobility”) since 2017. Graduated in Civil Engineering from Fundação Mineira de Educação e Cultura and in Law from Universidade Paulista (Unip), Vianna joined NovaDutra as an Engineering Manager in 1996. In 1998, he became NovaDutra Director. In 2002, Vianna joined CCR’s New Business board, position he held until 2017.

CCR Mobility (“CCR MOBILITY”) will be directed by the engineer Italo Roppa, who held the position of SP Highways Division (“CCR HIGHWAYS SP”) President. CCR ViaOeste and CCR Rodoanel President Paulo César de Souza Rangel will replace Roppa at CCR Highways SP.

This movement is part of another stage of a restructuring process (“RESTRUCTURING”) initiated in 2014 with the “Identification and Development of Strategic Leaders Program “, with Fundação Dom Cabral support.

The restructuring, still ongoing, also included the contributions of international consultants regarding corporate structuring and the aspects of leadership evaluation, aiming to bring subsidies both for the development of executives and for the succession planning of the first organizational levels. In the corporate context, the business divisions (CCR Highways SP, CCR Highways BR, CCR Mobility and CCR Airports) were created, aiming at the specialization and segregation of the group’s businesses. The procedures of transferring assets for each of the business divisions are now being carried out.

In the framework of the leadership evaluation, this process began four years ago and comprised a comprehensive evaluation not only of CCR’s business, but also of the company’s executives, resulting in some management changes.

CCR Board of Directors thanks Renato Vale for the inspiring leadership over the last 20 years and wishes success and many achievements to Leonardo Couto Vianna and to all the new members of the board.

Conference Call
Subject: Changes in the Board of Officers
Date: 07/24/2018
Time: from 13h to 13h30 (BR time)
Participants calling from Brazil: (11) 3193-1001 or (11) 2820-4001
Participants calling from the US or another country: 1-800-492-3904 or (+1) 646 828-8246
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São Paulo, July 20, 2018


Investor Relations Officer