São Paulo, April 7, 2014. Pursuant to CVM Instruction 358, CCR S.A. (“CCR”/”Company”) (BM&FBovespa:CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3BZ; Reuters:CCRO3.SA) hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, as announced in the Notice to the Market of November 22, 2013 and the Material Fact of January 24, 2014, CONCESSIONARIA DO AEROPORTO INTERNACIONAL DE CONFINS S.A. (“CONCESSIONAIRE”), comprising (i) Sociedade de Participação no Aeroporto de Confins S.A. (in turn comprising Companhia de Participações em Concessões, a CCR Group company, with 75.00%, Zurich Airport International AG, with 24.00%, and Munich Airport International Beteiligungs GmbH, with 1.00%), which retains 51.00% of the CONCESSIONAIRE, and (ii) Empresa Brasileira de Infraestrutura Aeroportuária – Infraero, which retains the remaining 49.00%, on this date signed the Concession Agreement for the concession, expansion, maintenance and exploration of Tancredo Neves International Airport, in the municipalities of Confins/MG and Lagoa Santa/MG (“CONCESSION AGREEMENT”). The concession will have a term of thirty (30) years as of the date of compliance with the conditions precedent set forth in the CONCESSION AGREEMENT.

Signature of the CONCESSION AGREEMENT represents the conclusion of one more important step in CCR strategic plan, which aims to ensure qualified growth, add value to shareholders and contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of Brazil.

Conference Call:

As is customary, the Company will hold a conference call to answer any eventual questions on the project. However, for strategic reasons, this call will only take place in August, the month in which the Company is scheduled to assume operation of the airport together with the other members of the consortium. We will send an invitation with details of the call at an opportune moment.


Confins is one of Brazil’s leading airports, handling 1.8 million passengers in January and February 2014 (10.3 million transported passengers in 2013), according to Infraero’s Operational Movement Report. In accordance with the concession agreement, the BH Airport consortium will operate the airport for a 30-year period, extendable for a further five years. It has a current handling capacity of around 10.4 million passengers per year.

Additional Information CNF
Term of the concession 30 years
Terminal area 53,949.70 m²
Airlines Companies 4 national and 4 international
Parking Lot 2,560 places
Capacity/year 10.4 million passengers/year
Boarding Fee (Group I) in 2013 Domestic: R$ 16.59
International: R$ 29.38
Landing Fee per metric ton (Group I) in 2013 Domestic: R$ 5.1964
International: R$ 13.8540
Aircraft Parking fee per metric ton (apron) in 2013 Domestic: R$ 0.2179
International: R$ 0.5630
Boarding Bridges 9
ATM (2013) 109,257
Main Destinations (PAX) SBSP – Congonhas (15.3%)
SBBR – Brasília (11.2%)
SBGR – Guarulhos (10.0%)
SBRJ – Santos Dummont (9.4%)
SBKP – Viracopos (7.3%)
Passenger mix (2013) Domestic: 96.3%
International: 3.7%
Adjustment Index IPCA / annual

Source: Tender Protocol, Infraero and HOTRAN
Group I: Regular and non-regular aircraft (except general aviation aircraft)

Financial Indicators (R$ million) 2011 2012 2013
Gross Revenue 138.7 171.0 164.7
Total Cost 87.1 98.4 86.7

Source: Infraero

Operating Data 2011 2012 2013
Passengers 9,534,987 10,398,296 10,301,288
Domestic Departures/Arrivals 9,112,585 9,952,684 9,920,571
International Departures/Arrivals 422,402 445,612 380,717
Flight 108,130 120,149 109,257
Air cargo (kg) 14,869,856 10,337,344 12,223,374
Mail (kg) 9,382,956 9,445,523 8,892,734