CNPJ nº 02.846.056/0001-97
NIRE 35.300.158.334


Pursuant to CVM Instruction 358/2002, Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias (“Company”) (BM&FBovespa:CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3BZ; Thomson Reuters: CCRO3-BR) hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general, as informed by its shareholder Brisa Participações e Empreendimentos Ltda (“BRISA”), owner of 16.35% (sixteen point thirty five percent) of shares issued by the Company, that Brisa Internacional SGPS, S.A. (“BRISA INTERNACIONAL”), signed with other controlling shareholders, Andrade Gutierrez Concessions SA (“AG”), Camargo Corrêa Investimentos em Infra-Estrutura S.A. (“CCII”) and Soares Penido Concessions S.A. (“SP”) an Agreement with BRISA intervenience whose purpose is the sale of 6.00% (six percent) of shares issued by the Company and related holdings owned by BRISA, at a total cost of R$ 990 million.

The aforementioned negotiation maintains the Power of Control in the ownership of other shareholders who are part of the Control Block, which will hold 51% (fifty one percent) of total shares issued. As foreseen in § 2 of Article 24 of the Bylaws of the Company and article 254-A of law nº 6.404/76, the transaction will not result in the need of a public offer to the other shareholders of the Company.

As reported, the conclusion of the Agreement is conditional, among other things, to the eventual approval of the Conceding Authorities, and, upon closing the transaction, expected to occur by the end of July 2010, BRISA shall no longer be a party to the Company’s Shareholders’ Agreement.

The remaining group of shares owned by BRISA will be detached from the Company’s Shareholders’ Agreement, and BRISA shall be free to dispose of it through private placement, and has hired a financial institution for said purpose.

In the event of new facts relating to the subject, the Company will inform shareholders and the market in general.

São Paulo, June 22, 2010.

Renato Alves Vale
President and CEO