Pursuant to CVM Instruction 358, CCR S.A. (“CCR”) (BM&FBovespa:CCRO3; Bloomberg:CCRO3BZ; Reuters:CCRO3.SA) is hereby communicating to its shareholders and the market in general that modifying amendment terms (TAMs) were agreed upon for the Concession Contracts (“Concession Contracts”) between the Regulatory Agency for Delegated Public Transportation Services in the State of São Paulo – ARTESP (“Conceding Power”) and its subsidiaries, including (i) Concessionária do Sistema Anhanguera – Bandeirantes S.A. (“AutoBAn”) – Concession Contract nº 005/CR/1998; (ii) Concessionária de Rodovias do Oeste de São Paulo – ViaOeste S.A. (“ViaOeste”) – nº 003/CR/1998; (iii) Rodovias Integradas do Oeste S.A. (“SPVias”) – Concession Contract nº 010/CR/2000; and its jointly controlled subsidiary, (iv) Renovias Concessionária S.A. (“Renovias”) – Concession Contracts nº 004/CR/1998, together with AutoBAn, ViaOeste, SPVias and Renovias, “Concessionaires.”

The purpose of the aforementioned TAMs are (i) to change the toll tariff adjustment rate of the Concession Contracts from the General Market Price Index (“IGPM”) to the Wide National Consumer Price Index (“IPCA”); and (ii) to review the procedure and form of the contractual review for the verification of the existence of any economic-financial imbalance and any recomposition that derives from the use of the new tariff adjustment index.

In view of this, the occurrence of economic-financial imbalance in the Concession Contract, in favor of the Concessionaires or in favor of the Conceding Power, shall be considered to have occurred if it is verified that there is a difference between the annual revenues from tolls using the tariffs adjusted by the IPCA effectively collected by the Concessionaires and the amount that would have been received in the case the tariffs had been adjusted by the IGPM.

This imbalance will be calculated in the month of July of each year, taking into consideration the same period of the contractual adjustment of the toll tariffs (annual imbalance). The rebalancing calculation shall be conducted every two years (biennial rebalancing), although the periodicity of the rebalancing calculation could be reevaluated through common agreement between the parties as of the 5th (fifth) year.

São Paulo, January 5, 2012.

Investor Relations Officer