For the purposes of the conditions contained in CVM Instruction 358, CCR S.A. (“CCR”) (Bovespa:CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3BZ; Reuters:CCRO3.SA) announces to its shareholders and the market in general that on this date, its subsidiary CCR España – Concesiones y Participaciones S.L. (“CCR ESPAÑA”) signed a Share Purchase and Sales and other Covenants Contract (“Contract”), governed by the law of New York, United States of America, with Janssen de Jong Caribbean Airport Constructors N.V. (“JANSSEN DE JONG”), for the acquisition of 39.00% (thirty nine percent) of the capital stock of Curaçao Airport Investments N.V. (“CAI”), owner of 100% (one hundred percent) of the share capital of Curaçao Airport Partners N.V. (“CAP”), the concessionaire of HATO International Airport, the International Airport of Curaçao and 100% (one hundred percent) of the capital stock of Curaçao Airport Real Estate Enterprises N.V. (“CARE”), a holding company. The total amount of the acquisition is US$15,546,000,00 (fifteen million, five hundred forty-six thousand U.S. dollars). JANSSEN DE JONG will continue to own, directly, 10.00% (ten percent) of the capital stock of CAI.

The contract provides that the consummation of the acquisition and the payment of the price are subject to compliance with preceding conditions, including obtaining prior authorization from the Granting Authority.

Upon the conclusion of this acquisition, CCR ESPAÑA will own, directly or indirectly, 79.80% (seventy nine and eighty percent) of the shares that represent the capital stock of CAI.

The conclusion of the acquisition herein announced represents the achieving of yet another stage in the CCR Group’s strategic plan, seeking qualified growth and adding value for shareholders.

São Paulo, March 21, 2013.

Arthur Piotto Filho
Investor Relations Officer