CCR SA (“Company” or “CCR”) (B3: CCR03; Bloomberg: CCR03 BZ; Reuters: CCR03.SA), communicates to the shareholders and the market in general, today, a Commission responsible for the bidding object of the Concession Notice 02/2019 (“PUBLIC NOTICE”), promoted by the Federal Government, by the National Land Transportation Agency (Agência Nacional de Transporte Terrestre – ANTT), recorded the proposal proposal by the Company, referring to the concession for the exploration and distribution of public recovery service infrastructure, operation, maintenance, monitoring, conservation, implementation of improvements, expansion and maintenance capacity and service level of the BR-101/SC, between Paulo Lopes (km 244 + 680) and the SC/RS division (km 465 + 100) (“CONCESSION”), pending a CONCESSION award.

The CONCESSION will have a term of 30 (thirty) years, counted from the Assumption Date (signature of the List of Assets and Transfer of Assets), as provided for in the PUBLIC NOTICE.

The achievement of the CONCESSION represents the completion of yet another important stage in CCR’s strategic planning, which aims at its qualified growth, adding value to shareholders and contributing to the socioeconomic and environmental development of Brazil.


São Paulo, February 21, 2020

Waldo Perez
Investor Relations Officer