CCR S.A. (“Company”) (B3: CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3 BZ; Reuters: CCRO3.SA) announces the execution, today, of Collective Amendment and Modifying Instrument 01/2022 (“Definitive Agreement”) among its indirect subsidiaries Concessionária do Sistema Anhanguera-Bandeirantes S.A. (“AutoBAn”), Rodovias Integradas do Oeste S.A. (“SPVias”) and Concessionária de Rodovias do Oeste de São Paulo – ViaOeste S.A. (“ViaOeste” and, if jointly with AutoBAn and SPVias, “Concessionaires”), and the São Paulo State Government, through the Logistics and Transportation Secretariat (“Granting Authority” and, if jointly with the Concessionaires, “Parties”), with Regulatory Agency for Delegated Public Transportation Services of the São Paulo State (“ARTESP”) as the consenting intervening party, as per the summary published in the São Paulo State Official Gazette, pursuant to Law 8,666/1993.

Under the terms and conditions set forth in Collective Amendment and Modifying Instrument 01/2022, executed on June 29, 2021, the Definitive Agreement aims to (i) set the final values, based on calculations made by ARTESP, of each economic and financial imbalance contained in the Agreements object of the Definitive Agreement, recognized, irrevocably, in the Preliminary Agreement; (ii) assign the Parties and ARTESP responsibilities regarding the necessary measures to end the lawsuits object of the Definitive Agreement; (iii) recognize the remaining balance of the imbalance in favor of AutoBAn; and (iv) promote the recovery of the economic and financial balance by extending AutoBAn’s Concession Agreement for another 3,911 days, maturing on December 31, 2037.

Upon the signature of the Definitive Agreement, the Parties mutually released any present or future litigation object of economic and financial imbalance effectively corrected by the Preliminary Agreement and the Definitive Agreement.

The signing of the Definitive Agreement reflects CCR Group’s respect for its long-term partnership with the São Paulo State Government and its commitment to developing infrastructure in the State.

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São Paulo – March 31, 2022.

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