Pursuant to the Official Letter/CVM/SEP/No.01/2017, of February 23, 2017, CCR S.A. (“CCR” or “Company”) (Bovespa: CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3BZ; Reuters: CCRO3.SA) announces to its shareholders and to the market in general that its minority shareholder, João Carlos de Magalhães Lanza, enrolled under the Individual Taxpayer‘s ID (CPF/MF) No. 045.430.336-04, appointed Mr. Mailson Ferreira da Nóbrega, Brazilian citizen, divorced, economist, bearer of the Identity Card (RG) No. 214.106 SSP/DF, enrolled under the Individual Taxpayer‘s ID (CPF/MF) No. 043.025.837-20, with business address at Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 160, sala 1614, CEP 04551-010, São Paulo-SP, to integrate the board of candidates that will participate in the separate process to elect a sitting member for the Board of Directors, to be held during the Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders‘ Meeting of the Company, to be held at 3:00 p.m. on April 11, 2017 (“Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders‘ Meeting”):

The résumé of the candidates appointed by the said minority shareholder, with the information required by Article 10 of CVM Instruction No. 481, of December 17, 2009, as amended, and the letter received by the Company from the minority shareholder, together with documents sent, integrate this notice to the shareholders as Attachments I and II, respectively.

Under the applicable law, the name and résumé of the candidates appointed by the Company‘s controlling shareholders to integrate the Board of Directors are available on the Management‘s proposal for the Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders‘ Meeting, made available to you at the Company‘s registered office and at the websites of the Company (www.ccr.com.br/ri), of BM&FBOVESPA and of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission on the World Wide Web (Internet), since March 9, 2017.

Finally, it is important to note that the actual separate election to elect a member of the Board of Directors, pursuant to Article 141, Paragraph 4, of Law 6.404/76, will take place only if the applicable legal requirements are met.

The Investor Relations Department remains available to you for any clarifications that may be necessary.

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São Paulo, March 24, 2017.

Investor Relations Officer