CNPJ no. 02.846.056/0001-97
N.I.R.E. no. 35.300.158.334


Shareholders of Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias (“CCR”) are hereby notified that:

As permitted by article 21, 2nd paragraph of the Company Articles of Incorporation, from September 30, 2010, we shall begin payment of intermediary dividends of seven hundred and fifty million, three hundred and seventy-four thousand, five hundred and sixty reais (R$ 750,374,560.00), equivalent to one real and seventy cents (R$ 1.70) per ordinary share, in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors meeting September 17, 2010, ad referendum of the next general ordinary meeting.

On the terms prescribed in article 21, paragraph 4 of the Company Articles of Incorporation, such dividends will be attributed to the mandatory minimum dividend for the 2010 fiscal year, ad referendum of the general shareholders meeting to approve the accounts for the 2010 fiscal year.

These intermediary dividends will be based on equity for payment on the date September 20, 2010, being that the company‘s shares will trade “ex-dividends” from September 21, 2010.

Shareholders will have their credits available on the date of commencement of payment of that right, in accordance to their checking and resident banking account supplied to Banco Itaú S/A.

As to shareholders whose registration is outdated, i.e. where it does not contain the CPF/CNPJ registration number or an indication of the bank/agency/checking account, the dividends will be credited from the 3rd working day counted from the date of the request, provided that the persons concerned personally prove their registration at one of the branches of Banco Itaú listed below, which shall be exclusively available to attend to shareholders. In the event the updating of data is provided in an agency not mentioned, or through correspondence to the Superintendant of Company Services – Av. Engenheiro Armando Arruda Pereira, 707-7th floor, CEP 04344-902-São Paulo-SP, the payment will only be released after processing of due records in the electronic files of the referred bank.

Shareholders of fiduciary trusts users will have their dividends credited according to procedures adopted by stock exchanges.

The locations for attendance at branches of Banco Itaú S.A. are listed below and in other agencies authorized to provide services to shareholders, within banking hours.

São Paulo -Rua Boa Vista, 176 – below ground level
Rio de Janeiro -Rua Sete de Setembro, 99 – below ground level
Belo Horizonte -Av. João Pinheiro, 195 – below ground level
Porto Alegre -Rua Sete de Setembro, 746 – Ground floor
Curitiba -Rua João Negrão, 65, Mezzanine
Salvador -Av. Estados Unidos, 50 – 2nd floor
Brasília -SCS Quadra 3 – Edifício D´Ângela, 30, Bloco A – Mezzanine

São Paulo, September 17, 2010.

Arthur Piotto Filho
Director of Investor Relations