São Paulo, January 28, 2022. CCR S.A. (“CCR” or “Company”) (B3: CCRO3; Bloomberg: CCRO3 BZ; Reuters: CCRO3.SA) hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, pursuant to the Material Fact disclosed by the Company on November 29, 2021, its subsidiary Concessionaria do Sistema Rodoviário Rio – São Paulo S.A. (“CCR RioSP”) and the National Agency for Land Transportation (ANTT) signed, on this date, the Concession Agreement under Bid Invitation 03/2021 for the provision of infrastructure exploitation services and the public service of recovery, operation, maintenance, monitoring, conservation, improvement implementation, capacity expansion and maintenance of the service level of the Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – São Paulo (SP) Highway System, being: (i) Highway BR-116/RJ, at the intersection of BR-465 in the municipality of Seropédica (km 214.7) and the RJ-SP border (km 339.6); (ii) Highway BR-116/SP, between the RJ-SP border (km 0) and the intersection with BR-381/SP-015, Marginal Tietê (km 230.6); (iii) Highway BR-101/RJ, at the intersection with BR-465, in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro (Campo Grande) (km 380.8), and the RJ-SP border (km 599); and (iv) Highway BR-101/SP, between the RJ-SP border (km 0) and Praia Grande, Ubatuba (km 52.1).

The CONCESSION will have a term of thirty (30) years as of the Assumption Date (signature of the Term of Inventory and Transfer of Assets), as set forth in the INVITATION TO BID.

The signing of this CONCESSION AGREEMENT represents the completion of yet another important stage in CCR’s strategic planning, which aims at its qualified growth, creating value for shareholders and contributing to the socioeconomic and environmental development of Brazil.

\ Object of the Concession

The BR-116/101/RJ/SP highway system connects the two largest metropolitan regions in the country: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where 50% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is transported. The concession signed (BR-116 and BR-101) covers a total of 625.8 km.

A total of R$13.5 billion will be invested over the course of the 30-year concession term. With the expected investments provided for in the concession notice, the Presidente Dutra highway will become the most technologically advanced highway in Brazil. On the other hard, BR-101 will receive works to improve traffic dynamics, such as 80 km in duplications and 33 km of additional lanes along the highway, as well as the construction of hundreds of operational structures to offer drivers support.

The new concession project brings innovations, such as tariffs according to the free flow model between the cities of São Paulo and Arujá for users who choose to migrate from the local lane to the express lane, discounts for frequent users, and major works that create value to the concession process and enable ongoing service level improvements.

The highways will be 100% monitored by surveillance cameras and will have an automatic incident detection system. The contract will also include smart lighting, in which with BR-116 will be fully illuminated in addition to also offering connectivity. The new challenges are part of a natural process in which  concession programs will generate increasingly more benefits for drivers. As part of the works that will offer additional safety and comfort to our clients, we highlight:

  • 569 km of additional lanes (3rd and/or 4th lane).
  • 128 pedestrian walkways.
  • 144 km of side roads.
  • 4 rest areas for truck drivers.
  • 16 km of extensions in the Serra das Araras stretch, covering 4 downhill lanes and 4 uphill lanes.
  • On BR-101, a total 80 km in duplications and 33 km of additional lanes will be constructed.


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\ Operational and Financial Data



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1. Amounts that support the proposal and are deducted from the linked resources.
2. Excluding traffic for Viúva Graça and free flow.
3. The period considered for 2022 was from March to December

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1. The dates above were considered in the proposal and may vary due to many factors.
2. Provided for in this contract until February 28, 2023.


\ Brief Background

About Grupo CCR: founded in 1999, Grupo CCR is one of Latin America’s largest urban mobility infrastructure players. It started operating in the highway concessions segment and later diversified its portfolio. In 2018, Grupo CCR transformed its four core businesses into divisions composed of the following business units: CCR Lam Vias, CCR Infra SP, CCR Aeroportos, and CCR Mobilidade. The divisions are responsible for managing the Company’s current businesses and developing and analyzing new opportunities in the primary and secondary markets, both in Brazil and abroad. Thanks to its pioneering spirit, it was the first group in the infrastructure services industry to join the Novo Mercado listing segment of B3 (former BM&FBovespa). Grupo CCR currently has more than 17,000 employees and is responsible for the management and maintenance of 3,391 kilometers of highways; it also manages airports and passenger transportation services in subways, VLT, and barges, transporting approximately 2 million passengers per day. With the start of operations of Lines 8 and 9, this figure may reach 3 million passengers. In the airport segment, after being awarded the contracts of the Central and South Blocks, granted by ANAC, the annual number of passengers transported may exceed the current 23 million, including Pampulha Airport/BH. The Company is recognized in the domestic and international markets for adopting the highest standards of corporate governance as the basis for its operation, which are listed in the Integrity and Compliance Program. For further information, visit

About CCR: CCR is the holding company of Grupo CCR listed on the B3 index, the Brazilian Stock Exchange. It has more than 20 years of history and is recognized in the domestic and international markets, mainly for its strict governance and compliance criteria. 55.23% of its shares, all of which are common voting shares, are traded on the Novo Mercado listing segment. In addition to B3, the Company’s shares are also listed in ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index), ICO2 (Carbon Efficient Index), IGC (Special Corporate Governance Stock Index), IBrX-100 (Brazil Index 100), and MSCI Latin America.

São Paulo/SP, January 28th, 2022.

Waldo Perez
Investor Relations Officer